Suffering The World (2014 Retouch)

by JR10

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The first track I ever released. FAMJR01. Retouched to hopefully bring it back into the mix. I was a very rough original from 2007. I decided to bring it back because the lyrics actually helped me through a tough time in my life and this song is really what began my journey as JR10. -Enjoy.



The day has come to suffer.
All our consumption has left the world, and our souls empty.
Retribution is at hand.
There is no escape from our future.
So listen as I suggest what we can expect, from ourselves.
Denying responsibility and recourse for our actions.
I come to you in Peace, to leave your mind in pieces.
We have the capacity.
Now the time has come to reap what generations have sown.
As we suffer through the world.

Main Lyrics:

Bite, claw, and scrape as you suffer in this world.
There is no escape as you suffer in this world.
Consuming until the end as you suffer in this world.
Exhausting every trend as you suffer in this world.

Peel, scratch, and tear as you suffer through this world.
No one will ever care as you suffer in this world.
Your future is to be told as suffer through this this world.
Your soul is to be sold as you die in this world.


released April 20, 2007